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Natural wood shades that blend in easily

Polyfix wood fillers repair defects and fill gaps in wood. Wood filler manufacturer Polystick supplies Polyfix in a range of six natural wood shades, to blend in with the type of wood being repaired.

Product Specifications
Drying Time (At 23º C, 50% humidity, 0.3mm film)
10-60 minutes
Boxwood, Pine, Maple, Oak, Teak, Mahogany
Shelf Life
12 months
Storage conditions
21º-27º C
100 gm metal pots


Used in particular to fill ruts and holes in wood, prior to being covered with clear or colored lacquer.


Work Instructions

Wood filler manufacturer´s recommendations: The foundation must be clean and dry, with no loose parts. It is advisable to use work gloves and ventilate the workplace while using this material.


Download Our Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

Note: The above information is based on Polystick´s best knowledge as a wood filler manufacturer and is intended to provide general data only concerning its products and usage. Consequently the company is not liable as a guarantor regarding a product´s specific features or its suitability for particular applications. It is recommended that all work be preceded by tests in the work environment and with the intended materials to achieve optimal implementation.
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