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polyseal 200
Perfect sealing for every building application

Polyseal 100 from sealant manufacturer Polystick is based on pure acetic silicone that contains anti-mold and anti-fungus additives. This makes it highly suitable for all areas of high humidity, such as bathrooms, showers, basins and sinks.

Product Specifications
Hardness after heating (SHORE A) 24
Elongation 500%
Specific gravity (kg/liter) 1.04
Temperature Resistance -50º up to +120º C
Application Temperature (º C) 5º-35º C
Preliminary Drying Time 10-25 minutes
Final Drying Time 24 hours
Color White/ Clear
Shelf life 18 months
Storage conditions Cool and dry plac
Packaging 280 ml cartridge
Highly effective in preventing water penetration. Seals all non-porous areas without the need to apply connecting materials. Seals cracks and all kinds of joints in construction - door frames, kitchens, bathrooms and toilets. Polyseal 100 has excellent resistance to shrinkage and is ideal for sanitary use.

Sealant manufacturer´s recommendations: The foundation must be clean and dry, with no loose parts. Large cracks should be filled first with a bridging material (sponge, polystyrene etc). The cartridge should be used with an appropriate loading mechanism.

Download Our Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

Note: The above information is based on Polystick´s best knowledge as a sealant manufacturer and is intended to provide general data only concerning its products and usage. Consequently the company is not liable as a guarantor regarding a product´s specific features or its suitability for particular applications. It is recommended that all work be preceded by tests in the work environment and with the intended materials to achieve optimal implementation.

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