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Special contact cement for laminating PVC

ViniStick 17 is a contact cement that was specially developed for applying PVC foils to a variety of surfaces: over concrete for sports floors and for tiling, over metal for producing security doors and on wood. The unique formulation of this contact cement assures maximum adhesion of the foils to their target surfaces. The adhesive is composed of synthetic rubber and a chain of special synthetic resins and organic solvents that will not destroy the PVC even if it is very thin.  

Product Specifications
 Solids content  22% (± 1)
 Viscosity at 23º C (Brookfield LVT, 12 rpm/2) 1500-2000 cps
 Specific gravity (kg/liter)  0.84
 Acidity (pH) 7-8
 Spread ratio (quantity/area)  180-220 gm over 1 sq.m
 Open time (working time)  15-60 minutes
 Color Light Yellow
 Shelf life  12 months
 Storage conditions  18-28º C
 Packaging  4.5 liter gallon

18 liter,200 liter drum

For bonding PVC foils or sheets to concrete, metal and wooden surfaces.  
Work Instructions
Adhesive should be applied on both surfaces. Wait a minimum of 15 minutes before assembly. It is advisable to use work gloves and ventilate the workplace while applying the adhesive. Take care to prevent inhaling glue fumes. It is recommended to wear a mask while spreading the glue. 
Download Our Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) 
Note: The above information is based on Polystick´s best knowledge and is intended to provide general data only concerning its products and usage. Consequently the company is not liable as a guarantor regarding a product´s specific features or its suitability for particular applications. It is recommended that all work be preceded by tests in the work environment and with the intended materials to achieve optimal implementation.
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