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Excellent adhesives since 1961 

With almost 50 years in the adhesives industry, you can rely on our expertise as adhesive manufacturers to resolve almost any issue related to sticking and bonding. Polystick adhesives have earned a strong reputation for their quality, dependability and value.

Broad-based expertise
As adhesive manufacturers, developers and distributors, Polystick has expert knowledge in many different types of adhesives. These include Polychloropren solvent and water based adhesives, PU adhesives – solvent and water dispersions, SBS adhesives, PVA glues, Hotmelts, Silicone and Acrylic sealants, PU lacquers and many more.


Contact cements

Consumer adhesives

Industrial adhesives

Specialty adhesives

Our range of contact cements, for general and professional use, provides excellent bonding for many types of material.

We provide a range of safe and strong glues that are used with confidence at home, in offices and schools.

We have strong expertise in the woodworking, upholstery, automotive and construction industries.

Our advanced Presstick 346 PU dispersion adhesive has been specially formulated for most membrane press applications.

Professional advice
Few companies can match Polystick for the range and depth of its expertise in professional adhesives. This is our specialization as long-standing adhesive manufacturers. If you need to undertake a large and significant bonding or sealing task, our Technical Advisors are available to guide you with regard to matching the correct chemical formulation to the job.

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